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Legal and Privacy Policy

Update date: August 2023


Relive by Coco sells fashion accessories for women, men and children on its website (www.relivebycoco.com) (hereinafter the "Site ”) and in its network of stores (hereinafter the “Stores”).

As part of its business, Relive by Coco is required to collect and process some of your personal data when you use the Site or when you provide it in the Store.

Mindful of your concerns in this regard, Relive by Coco has implemented this privacy policy relating to the protection of privacy (hereinafter “the Privacy Policy” or “Policy”), which complements the Terms Terms of Sale of the Site.

This Privacy Policy allows you to better understand the use of your personal data collected on the Site and in the Store, the use of browsing information processed when using the Site and details your various rights and their exercise modality.

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the terms “Personal Data” and “Data” are interchangeable.

Relive by Coco reserves the right to modify the content of this Policy from time to time. If a modification is made to the Privacy Policy, Relive by Coco undertakes to publish the new updated version on its Site. Relive by Coco will also inform of these modifications by e-mail at least fifteen (15) days before the effective date.

Your personal data

Who collects your Personal Data?

The person responsible for processing your Personal Data is  Relive by Coco  – located at 575 Lexington Ave New York registered.

What Data concerning you is used by Relive by Coco?

The Personal Data collected is essential to respond to your requests and is identified by an asterisk on the collection form or specified orally as part of a collection in the Store. If you do not complete these mandatory fields, Relive by Coco will not be able to respond to your requests.

Creation and management of your customer account

On the Site, you have the option of creating a customer account in order to place your orders. You will then be asked via a collection form for the following information:

  • Civility,

  • Last name First Name,

  • Email address,

  • Date of birth.

The use of this Data by Relive by Coco is subject to your agreement when you create your account.

Purchase on the Site:

You can also place an order on the Site as a guest, without necessarily creating a customer account. You will then be asked via a collection form, the following information:

  • Civility,

  • Last name First Name,

  • Delivery address,

  • Billing address,

  • Email address,

  • Information relating to the payment of your order.

The use of this Data by Relive by Coco is necessary for Relive by Coco to offer you its products and services and to send your order.

Navigation on the Site and commercial solicitations:

Relive by Coco uses your Data for direct marketing purposes. The Data used in this context are as follows:

  • Your contact details such as your e-mail address, telephone number, postal address,

  • Sex

  • Your browsing history such as: the articles and offers you clicked on (see cookies section),

  • Your order history (if you have a customer account),

  • Data on your Internet contact details (URL address, IP address), your type of browser, the pages of the Site consulted during your visits, the advertisements on which you have clicked and any search terms you have entered on the Site are also likely to be collected by Relive by Coco(see cookie section).

The use of your Data in the context of direct marketing is subject to your agreement to receive commercial solicitations.

Participation in a promotional event

As part of your participation in a promotional event (Game, contest, lottery, etc.) organized by Relive by Coco, you will be asked for your surname, first name, e-mail address via a collection form.

The use of this Data by Relive by Coco is subject to your agreement when you participate in a promotional event.

Customer Support

Relive by Coco will use your Personal Data when you contact its Customer Service in the context of a complaint or the exercise of your rights (legal guarantees, right of withdrawal, etc.), including in particular:

  • Last name First Name,

  • Telephone number, e-mail address,

  • Address,

  • Information relating to your order,

  • And in general your correspondence for the attention of Customer Service (emails and written letters).

The use of your Data in this context is based on the legitimate interest of Relive by Coco.

Site and Store security and fraud detection

Relive by Coco uses your Data for the security of the Site and its Stores and for detecting fraud, including:

  • Last name First Name,

  • Phone number,

  • Email address,

  • Information relating to your order,

  • Video surveillance in certain Boutiques.

If necessary, in order to invalidate or confirm suspected cases of fraud, official documents (proof of residence, invoice for example) may be requested from you in order to justify Data concerning you.

The use of your Data in this context is based on the legitimate interest of Relive by Coco

Legal procedures and legal requirements

Relive by Coco may use your Data in the context of legal proceedings and/or its legal requirements, including:

  • Last name First Name,

  • Phone number,

  • Email address,

  • Information about your order

The processing of your Personal Data in this context is necessary for Relive by Coco to comply with its legal obligations.

Why does Relive by Coco use your Data?

Relive by Coco uses your Data for the following purposes:

Creation and management of your Customer Account:

Relive by Coco uses your Personal Data to create and manage your customer account and provide you with a personalized experience, including:

  • The possibility of connecting to your customer account and modifying the information if you wish

  • The provision of the history of your orders and information relating to them

  • The proposal of Relive by Coco product suggestions on the Site based on your order history

Purchase on the Site:

Relive by Coco uses your Personal Data to manage and track your orders placed on the Site, including:

  • Sending notifications on the delivery status of your order or in the event of a problem with the delivery of your products

  • The delivery of your order according to the delivery method chosen, to the address you have indicated,

  • The possibility of making any changes to the information you wish to make regarding your order,

  • The management of order returns, in particular within the framework of the exercise of your right of withdrawal,

  • The management of your payments in connection with your order

  • In general, any complaint in connection with an order placed on the Site (legal guarantees, request for repair, etc.).

Commercial solicitations:

Relive by Coco may, subject to your consent, use your Data to send you by email (newsletter), SMS or MMS, telephone, promotional banners on third-party sites or social networks, internet search engine for offers of products, services and inform you of special offers and promotions.

You will be asked on the page of this Site if you wish your Data to be used for the purposes of direct marketing, in particular if you wish to receive our newsletter.

Relive by Coco will seek your agreement by asking you to tick one or more box(es) devoted to the manifestation of your consent which will specify/have the different categories of information or different kinds of commercial actions for the communication which your Data may be used.

Development and improvements:

Relive by Coco uses your Data to:

  • Perform analyzes to make its services easier to use and highlight commonly used features, evaluate and develop its Services, products and systems,

  • Produce sector and market statistics on an individual basis but also in the form of aggregated and compiled and pseudonymised information,

  • Develop and improve the logistics flows of Relive by Coco products by planning purchases, stocks and deliveries and optimizing deliveries

  • With the help of partners, measure and target our advertising based on your Data and (see cookies section),

Participation in a promotional event

In the event that you participate in a promotional event (game, contest, lottery, etc.) organized by Relive by Coco, your Personal Data collected via an entry form will be used for the organization of said event, including:

  • Consideration of your participation,

  • The ability to contact via email or telephone in the event of a win,

  • The ability to allocate any endowment.

Customer support:

Relive by Coco uses your Data to help you when you contact its Customer Service by email or telephone, including:

  • Address your questions and complaints to the right contact within customer support (in particular to our after-sales service if it concerns a complaint in connection with an order),

  • Conducting research in response to your concerns,

  • Tracking and improving customer support responses.

The security of the Site and the Shops and detection of fraud:


  • The ability to access and use payment services,

  • The detection, management and prevention of fraud on the Site and in means of payment, spam, abuse and other activities detrimental to Relive by Coco,

  • Prevention and management of payment incidents (including unpaid bills),

  • Compliance with legal obligations such as the fight against money laundering,

  • The follow-up of incidents as well as preventing and reporting any crime occurring in the Shops.

  • Performing checks on databases and other sources of information.

Legal procedures and legal requirements

It is possible that Relive by Coco uses your Data when it is required to do so by law, an injunction or any other legal measure, or if such use is necessary to:

  • Investigate actual or suspected illegal activities, prevent such activities or take action against them, or assist judicial institutions,

  • Respect the contracts made with you,

  • Investigate and defend against third-party allegations and complaints,

  • Exercise or protect the interests of Relive by Coco and its staff,

Relive by Coco will endeavor to notify you if your Data is the subject of a legal and/or judicial request for disclosure, unless prohibited by law or court order.

To whom are your Personal Data transmitted?

To Relive by Coco Group Entities:

As part of its international activities, Relive by Coco shares your Data with its subsidiaries and affiliated companies for the purposes described above. The local subsidiary will only act as a user of the Personal Data and will process your Data on behalf of the French company.

To Relive by Coco Service Providers:

Relive by Coco also communicates your Data when it uses the services of service providers, suppliers or consultants for the above-mentioned purposes, including in particular:

  • Service providers allowing the follow-up and management of your orders (e.g. delivery, after-sales service),

  • Relive by Cocomarketing partners in charge of direct marketing campaigns,

  • Banking partners when you use the payment services on the Site…

These service providers have limited access to your Data in the context of the performance of their own tasks on behalf of Relive by Coco and have a contractual obligation to protect them and use them only for the purposes for which they have been disclosed in accordance with this Policy.

To Relive by Coco Financial Organizations and Advisors:

When Relive by Coco considers that the communication of your Data to financial organizations or organizations responsible for enforcing the laws is necessary or desirable for the purposes of the prevention or detection of fraud, including:

  • To the professional advice ofRelive by Coco subject to an obligation of confidentiality (lawyers, accountants, auditors).

  • To judicial or administrative authorities or local law enforcement when Relive by Coco is authorized to do so for legitimate reasons or in cases where the law requires or authorizes it.

How does Relive by Coco transfer your Data as part of its international activities?

To facilitate its global activities,Relive by Coco may transfer, store and process your Data to service providers or its subsidiaries based either in the territory of the EEA or in North America. The laws in these countries may differ from the laws applicable to your Country of Residence.

Where applicable, we ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place to ensure an adequate level of protection for your Data.

How long are your Data kept?

The Data is kept for a period that does not exceed the period necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.

Does Relive by Coco sell your Data?

Relive by Coco never sells your Data to unaffiliated and non-partner third parties.

How does Relive by Coco secure your Data?

Relive by Coco strives to put in place all useful precautions to preserve the confidentiality and security of your Personal Data and to prevent it from being distorted, damaged, destroyed or accessed by unauthorized third parties.

State-of-the-art technical and organizational security measures, particularly with regard to information systems, have been implemented.

However, Relive by Coco does not control all the risks associated with the operation of the Internet and draws your attention to the existence of possible risks inherent in its use and operation.

As such, you remain fully responsible for access to your customer account and Relive by Coco strongly invites you to:

  • Do not transmit information relating to your customer account (such as your password) to unauthorized third parties in any capacity whatsoever.

  • To contact Relive by Coco as soon as possible at the slightest suspicion of hacking, or unauthorized use of your customer account.

In any case, Relive by Coco cannot be held responsible for identity theft or misuse of your account and any consequences that may result.

Your rights

What are your rights relating to your Personal Data?

Deletion of your Data:

You can ask Relive by Coco to delete all or part of your Personal Data .

Modification or rectification of your Data:

You can modify, rectify or complete some of your Personal Data through your customer account by logging in using your identifiers (password and e-mail address).

You can also ask Relive by Coco to update, rectify or complete them, in particular if they are inaccurate or incomplete or if this Data cannot be updated by you.

Opposition to the processing of your Data:

You can ask Relive by Coco not to use your Data for certain specific purposes (including profiling) on the basis of a legitimate interest.Relive by Coco will stop using your Personal Data for these purposes, unless Relive by Cococan demonstrate a legitimate and compelling reason for this processing or this processing is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims. .

With regard to the direct marketing solicitations that you receive from Relive by Coco, it is possible for you to revoke the consent you have given in order to no longer receive solicitations.

This option is offered to you at any time and you will be reminded in the messages you receive from Relive by Coco (newsletter, SMS, etc.).

Limitation of the processing of your Data:

You can ask Relive by Coco to limit the processing of your Data in the following cases:

  • If you object to the processing of your Data, Relive by Coco will limit the processing of this Data while verifying the legitimate interest.

  • If you declare that your Personal Data is inaccurate, Relive by Coco must limit the processing of this data pending verification of the accuracy of your Personal Data.

  • If Relive by Coco no longer needs the Personal Data but it is necessary for the defense of its legal rights.

As part of a limitation of processing of your Data, the latter are kept by Relive by Coco but can only be processed again in the following situations:

  • If you give your consent again,

  • For the recognition, exercise or defense of legal rights,

  • To protect the rights of another natural or legal person,

  • Or for important reasons of public interest of the Union or of a Member State.

Access your Data:

To know the Data concerning you in possession of Relive by Coco, you can ask Relive by Coco for a copy of this Personal Data in a commonly used electronic form.

The right to lodge a complaint with the CNIL:

You can file a complaint if you consider that the processing of your Data constitutes a violation of the regulations. If you wish to have additional information on your rights, and more particularly on this last right, go to the website of the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés:  https://www.cnil.fr/

What is Data Portability?

The right to portability gives you the option of retrieving your Data in a commonly used and machine-readable structured format and asking Relive by Coco to transmit it to a third party (when technically possible).

Note that your right to portability only concerns the Personal Data that you have provided to Relive by Coco.

How to address your questions and exercise your rights?

For all requests relating to your rights listed above, simply send a written letter to Relive by Coco Customer Service at the following address:

575 Lexington Ave New York

Or by writing to:  relivebycoco@gmail.com

These requests for access, deletion, rectification, opposition or limitation must be made by means of a letter (or email) signed by the author from whom they emanate.and be accompanied by a photocopy of an identity document bearing the signature of the person exercising his right and specifying the reply address.

Relive by Coco undertakes to respond to all requests within one (1) month of receipt of the request.

What about Data relating to minors?

Relive by Coco encourages all parents or any person holding parental authority to encourage careful and responsible behavior on the part of minors when communicating their Data on the Internet, in particular on the Site.

If you are the parent of a minor who has communicated Personal Data to Relive by Coco on the Site or in the Boutique and you have not authorized such communication and wish to have this Data deleted, you can contact Relive by Coco according to the procedure indicated above.


This section is dedicated to Relive by Coco's cookie policy. It allows you to learn more about:

  • The origin and use of navigation information processed during your navigation on the Site and your rights

  • The origin and use of browsing information processed when you access the Site through Relive by Cocoadvertising content.

When consulting the Site or when displaying Relive by Cocoadvertising content on third-party sites, information relating to your browsing may be recorded by so-called "cookie" files installed on your computer, subject to the choices you have made regarding cookies and which you can modify at any time by clicking below.

Cookie management

What do we mean by “cookies” or “tracers”?

The term cookie is to be taken in the broad sense and covers all the tracers deposited/and or read, for example during the consultation of the Site, the reading of an e-mail, the installation or the use of a mobile application or software, regardless of the type of terminal used (computers, smartphones, tablets).

For convenience, the term “cookie” which covers all of these technologies will be used in this Privacy Policy.

What cookies are issued on the Relive by Coco Site?

You will find below the information relating to the cookies likely to be deposited on your terminal with your prior consent on the Site byRelive by Coco or by third parties as well as the means allowing you to manage these cookies on your terminal:

Technical cookies:

  • These cookies are necessary to ensure the optimal functioning of the Site and are therefore permanently activated. They include cookies to remember your visit to the Site during a session or, if you wish, from session to session. They participate in the operation of the shopping cart and the purchase process and help you in the event of security problems and to comply with regulations. If you refuse or uninstall these cookies, you will not be able to browse our site.

This purpose is required by our Site to operate normally and cannot be disabled.

Cookies relating to analysis and performance:

  • Relive by Coco uses these cookies to improve the ergonomics of the Site by analyzing visitor use. In some cases, these cookies improve the processing speed of your requests by allowing Relive by Coco to save your preferences for the Site.